Friday, July 2, 2010

Güten Morgan

Hallo! From Frankfurt! Mein liebens, we have just arrived in Germany and are relaxing in the Lufthansa lounge. No problem getting through security this time - Tyler must be good luck! The keyboards are all funky over here. The z and y are switched and there are all these crazy hieroglyphics and German letters like ö,ü,ß.

Tylers turn ...
Our airplane was awesome ... Airbus 340-600 ... beastly. We all had individual screens and could watch anything from How to Train Your Dragon (which we did) to a very Euro, very creepy, 10 year old documentary about Legos (watched that one too). The flight attendant gave me fettucini instead of the chicken i requested but she lucked out because the chocolate moose was so darn good. We saw the sunrise as we flew into Germany which was absolutely beatiful!! This keyboard is killing me so Iäm going to pass it back to Lauren.

ok....back to the strange family competition shows and world cup matches on the tv.

Talk to you in Athens!

Mark, Barb, Derek, Brad, Lauren, and Tyler


  1. Glad to hear that the trip has started out so good. Anxious to start seeing pictures

  2. Yes, post pictures as soon as you can. I'd love to see some! Hope you have wonderful weather the entire trip!! Kona is having fun with Herc!
    Auntie Cathy