Monday, July 12, 2010

Headed Home

We have been so wrapped up in sun bathing and ATV driving that I have fallen behind in my blogging. We are at the Frankfurt airport and waiting for our flight to start boarding. We took over 4500 pictures between 4 cameras and will have lots to show you all when we return. Thanks for following along and reading about our adventures.

We love you and will talk/SEE you sooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!

Mark, Barb, Brad, Derek, Tyler, and Lauren

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Athens/ Santorini Catch Up

So we have made it to santorini! Athens was wonderful and very educating, but now we are in paradise! I have been trying all day to upload pictures, but the internet is very very slow here (it's on island time) so I will have to try again later. We spent most of the day outside today...I got q little burned. Also, we jumped off a 25 foot cliff into the ocean today. Everyone but Brad that is-whimp! Muwahhahahhaha! Tomorrow we go on our catamaran 5hour boat tour! Very excited! Just got back from din din and are about to play cards and drink wine on the balcony!!!!

Hope to have pictures up for you guys soon!!!!

Mark, Barb, Derek, Brad, Tyler and Lauren

Friday, July 2, 2010

Güten Morgan

Hallo! From Frankfurt! Mein liebens, we have just arrived in Germany and are relaxing in the Lufthansa lounge. No problem getting through security this time - Tyler must be good luck! The keyboards are all funky over here. The z and y are switched and there are all these crazy hieroglyphics and German letters like ö,ü,ß.

Tylers turn ...
Our airplane was awesome ... Airbus 340-600 ... beastly. We all had individual screens and could watch anything from How to Train Your Dragon (which we did) to a very Euro, very creepy, 10 year old documentary about Legos (watched that one too). The flight attendant gave me fettucini instead of the chicken i requested but she lucked out because the chocolate moose was so darn good. We saw the sunrise as we flew into Germany which was absolutely beatiful!! This keyboard is killing me so Iäm going to pass it back to Lauren.

ok....back to the strange family competition shows and world cup matches on the tv.

Talk to you in Athens!

Mark, Barb, Derek, Brad, Lauren, and Tyler


We flew into Boston last night after a smooth sailing flight. Once we got to our hotel, we took the "T" into the city to a restaurant called Sail Loft. They had the thickets BEST clam chowder we have ever had! We walked around the city a little more and LOVED the small town feel in the big city! Today we are headed back to the city. First stop-Boston Commons-thanks for the suggestion Meegs!- and then to see the original Cheers! Our flight for Frankfurt leaves at 4:50 and we will have a 4 hour layover...then to Greece we go!

(Photos to come... this crappy IBM computer at the hotel doesn't have an

Ich liebe dich,
Mark, Barb, Brad, Derek, Lauren and Tyler